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is the webbed program (loading time may be little long, please be patient when loading).

[disclaimer: this webbed program is for my own personal testing usage only. We don't take any responsibility for the effect from any persons who applied this program.]

Step to apply:

1, Use a proper internet browser, like Google's Chrome, to visit: 


and then click "go ahead immediately";

2, Prepare an excel file, with its first sheet (normally Sheet 1)'s Column A, listing all of your clients using your registered office (Excel file name - freely an English name);

Cell A1's content make be: company

3, At 


click "Choose File" to upload the Excel file prepared (all data handled in your own computer, no file upload to server but we don't guarantee anything, we should released from any obligation).

The jump out screen would stated "Uploaded successfully);

4, Determine your per screen's column number and line number.

According to CR hotline's oral guidance to us, each client's name should be shown one time within 4 minutes, each time not less then 15 seconds (See Company Ordinance Section 3, as below included).

Then we have a formula:

Minimum number of client name in one screen = Total number of clients / 16

Which 16 is equal to: (4 minutes / 15 seconds).

Then Minimum number of client name in one screen = column per screen x lines per column.

Then you calculate and determine your column number and lines number.

The "每页持续时间(单位:毫秒)" should be at least "15000", which equal to 15 seconds.

Click "Submit";

5. Click "Preview (预览)", the web is auto rolling your client name.

Click "Full Screen" (or click F11 of your keyboard). Now all thing done.

Setting for the Screen and computer no-sleep forever:

Windows -> Control Panel -> Power -> set 
Screen - never sleep

Computer - never sleep

Put the Screen and computer at proper obvious place of registered office.


Q&A (this little potato has Q&A?):

Q1: How to make the screen vertically rather than default horizontal?

A1:  Windows has inherent function to make screen in horizontal.

Q2: How to renew the client name list?

A2: go to:


click "Clear" and then repeat the upload to show procedure above.

Q3: Any final weapon?

A3: a. clean all browse history/cookies of browser;

       b. restart computer

       is final weapon.

Q4: Which browser recommend to use?

A4: Google's Chrome.

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Relevant Company Ordinance (Cap. 622B) clauses (extra only):

Section: 3

Heading: Display of registered name at registered office, etc

(1) A company must display continuously its registered name in legible characters at—

  • (a) its registered office; and
  • (b) every business venue of the company.

(2)bThe registered name must be so positioned that it may be easily seen by any visitor to the office or business venue.

(3) If a location is the registered office or a business venue of more than 6 companies, and any of the companies, in purported compliance with subsections (1) and (2), displays its registered name through an electronic device, the registered name is taken to be displayed continuously for the purposes of those subsections if—

  • (a) the registered name is displayed for at least 15 continuous seconds at least once in every 4 minutes; or
  • (b) the registered name is capable of being displayed within 4 minutes after a request to make the display is made through the electronic device.

(4) Subsections (1), (2) and (3) do not apply to a company that has had no accounting transaction at any time since its incorporation.

(5) If—

  • (a) a liquidator, receiver or manager of the property of a company has been appointed; and
  • (b) the registered office or any business venue of the company is also a place where the business of the liquidator, receiver or manager is carried on,

subsections (1), (2) and (3) do not apply to that registered office or business venue.

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documents need to keep in registered office/以下文件存放於公司註冊地址:

[Register of director, secretary and member template (for reference only)]

[Sample Significant Controller Register (for reference only)]

1. 成員登記冊 Register of Members 

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 627 and 628]

2. 重要控制人登記冊 Significant Controllers Register

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 653I, 653M and Schedule 5B]

3. 董事登記冊Register of Directors

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 641 and 643]

4. 公司秘書登記冊Register of Company Secretaries

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 648 and 650]

5. 債權證持有人登記冊Register of Debenture Holders

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 308 and 309]

6. 押記登記冊Register of Charges

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 351 and 352]

7. 設立押記的文書的副本Copies of Instruments Creating Charges

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 351]

8. 獲准許的彌償條文的文本或一份列明該條文的條款的書面備忘錄 Copy of Permitted Indemnity Provision or a Written Memorandum Setting out the Terms of the Provision

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 471]

9. 管理合約的文本或列出該合約的條款的書面備忘錄 Copy of Management Contract or a Written Memorandum Setting out the Terms of the Contract

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 543]

10. 成員決議的文本/成員大會的議事程序紀錄/唯一成員的決定的書面紀錄Copies of Resolutions of Members, Minutes of Proceedings of General Meetings and Written Records of Decisions of Sole Member

  • [Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 618 and 619]

For listing company, Additional requirements:

  • Register of Directors' and Chief Executives' Interests and Short Positions (Section 336 of SFO)
  • Register of Interests in Shares and Short Positions of Substantial Shareholders (Section 352 of SFO)

Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 655 (2)(a), company records may be kept in hard copy form or in electronic form

Company Ordinance (Cap. 622) Section 655 (3), If the records are kept in electronic form, the company must ensure that they are capable of being reproduced in hard copy form.

If on clients' Annual Return reported company records located at registered office (as following screen shoot from Annual Return), com sec company providing registered office service need to at least keep clients' company records' soft copies at registered office address if no enough space for hard copies.

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CR's Highlights of Prosecution Cases (on the Com Sec service company):

Source: https://www.cr.gov.hk/en/compliance/prosecution.htm


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Requirements on non-H.K. companies:

(P.S. highlight: for non-H.K. company with limited liability, need the display the Limited nature permanently rather than displaying at least one time in 4 minutes and each time not less than 15 seconds.)

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