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Company deregistration: 2867 4699

Company formation: 2867 5725 / 2867 2598 / 2867 4825

E-registry account apply: 2867 4576

E-registry technology: 2867 4561

General enquiry / help desk: 8201 8273

Document department - 

Cyber Search: 2867 4655 / General Line: 2867 5683


Official contact by IRD website: https://www.ird.gov.hk/eng/cu_enqs.htm#sp_br

IRD structure with telephone: https://www.ird.gov.hk/chi/abo/org_02.htm

All IRD calling-out phone show number: 2594 1000

BRC: 2594 3030 / 2594 3146 / 2594 3149 / fax: 2824 1482

Change of BRC: 2594 3145

Stamp Duty: 2594 3202

Stamp Duty - Transfer of Landed Properties: 594 3166

Stamp Duty - Stock borrowing: 2594 3165

Stamp Duty - Tenancy agreement / share transfer / adjudication: 2594 3159

Profit tax: 2594 1500 / 2594 1511

Property tax: 2594 2558

Individual tax: 2594 2800

Salaries tax / Employment department: 187 8022

Tax investigation: 2594 4007

Tax reserve certificate: 2594 3122

Compliant: 2594 5000

Cease address provided to a client: 2594 3145

Deregistration department: 2594 1792 (@ 11/F) Fax: 2519 6779 

E-mail Addresses

Source: https://www.ird.gov.hk/eng/ese/esi.htm#a03

E-mail to our designated e-mail address according to the subject matter :

Matter relating to Designated address

Betting Duty taxinfo@ird.gov.hk

Business Registration taxbro@ird.gov.hk

Collection Enforcement taxenf@ird.gov.hk

Employer's Return (Group A to F) taxctr1@ird.gov.hk

Employer's Return (Group G to N) taxctr2@ird.gov.hk

Estate Duty taxedo@ird.gov.hk

Field Audit and Investigation taxfai@ird.gov.hk

Hotel Accommodation Tax taxinfo@ird.gov.hk

Profits Tax (Corporation/Partnership) taxpf@ird.gov.hk

Property Tax taxpty@ird.gov.hk

Stamp Duty taxsdo@ird.gov.hk

Tax Payment and Accounts taxpay@ird.gov.hk

Tax Return - Individuals (Group A to F) taxctr1@ird.gov.hk

Tax Return - Individuals (Group G to N) taxctr2@ird.gov.hk 

Complaints taxinfo@ird.gov.hk

General Enquiry taxinfo@ird.gov.hk

Annual Open Data Plans taxopendata@ird.gov.hk

IRD organisation chart:

Source: [IRD Annual Report 2017-18]

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Tip for calling IRD & CR: IRD & CR already work at 8:30 am, so that call IRD & CR between 8:30 am and 9:00 am when most other callers are not on their office hour yet

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IRD Profits Tax trade categories number code:

[1-30: for limited, 31-97: unlimited]

有限公司編碼 Code for limited company:

01:飛機及運轉 Aircraft and its operation

02:金融 Finance

03:建造工程 Construction work

04:分銷及零售 Distribution and retail

05:進出口 Import and export

06:投資∕投機 Investment or speculation

07:酒店、酒樓及遊樂場 Hotel, restaurant and playground

08:保險 Insurance

09:紡織及成衣 Textiles and garments

10:食品 Food

11:金屬業 Metal industry

12:製造 Manufacturing

13:印刷 Printing

14:公用事業 Utilities

15:中港貿易 China-Hong Kong trade

16:破產欠稅者 bankrupt taxpayer

17:船務 Shipping

18:碼頭及貨倉 Dock and warehouse

19:的士及小巴 Taxi and minibus

20:專業服務 Professional services

21:經營進出口的海外公司 Overseas companies that operate import and export

22:每隔三年覆檢的休業個案 Closed business case that reviewed for each 3 years

23:臨時個案 Temporary case

24:會所、學校及醫院 Clubhouse, school and hospital

25:其他海外公司 Other overseas companies

26:每隔三年覆檢的無須課稅個案 Non-taxable case reviewed every three years

27拉雜cases / sundries / 未清繳稅款的休業個案; 或 已註銷個案 sundries / closed case with unpaid taxes; or deregistered companies' case

無限公司編碼 Un-incorporated business' code

31:工業化學 Industrial Chemistry

32:工程及金屬 Engineering and Metals

33:印刷及出版 Printing and Publishing

34:雜項製造 Miscellaneous manufacturing

35:運輸及旅行社 Transportation and Travel Agency

37:漁農 Agriculture farmers

38:紡織及成衣 Textiles and garments

39:食品 Food

40:地產 Real estate

41:保險 Insurance

42:金融 Finance

43:股票經紀 Stockbroker

44:商品經紀 Commodity broker

45:黃金及白銀經紀 Gold and Silver Brokers

46:租賃及融資 Finance leasing and financing

47:一般批發 General wholesale

48:進出口 Import and export

49:海外生產商的駐港代表 Representatives of overseas manufacturers in Hong Kong

50:疋頭批發商 Garment wholesalers

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51:漁農產批發 Wholesale of fisheries and agricultural products

53:樓宇買賣 Buying and selling of buildings

56:糕餅及糖果 Pastry and sweets

57:漁農產品零售 Retail sale of fishery products

58:葯劑 Pharmacy

59:金匠及珠寶 Goldsmith and Jewelry

60:雜類分銷商 Miscellaneous Distributors

61:機械及設備分銷商 Machinery and equipment distributor

62:古董 Antiques

63:時裝及服飾 Fashion and apparel

64:一般商店 General store

65:竹製及籐製品 Bamboo and rattan products

66:建築 Architecture

67:酒店、酒樓及娛樂場所 Hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues

68:洗衣、衛生及殮葬 Laundry, hygiene and funeral

69:汽車 Motor vehicles

70:碼頭及貨倉 Dock and and warehouse

72:會所 Clubhouse

74:小巴 Minibus

75:的士 Taxi

76:中港貿易 China-Hong Kong trade

79:專利權∕版權的非居港人士 Non-residents with patent rights/copyrights  

81:會計及稅務 Accounting and Taxation

82:建築界專業人士 Architectural professionals

83:醫務 Medical services

84:法律 Law

85:其他專業 Other majors

95:每隔三年覆檢的休業個案 Closed business case with reviewed for each 3 years

97:臨時個案 Temporary case

98:未清繳稅款的休業個案 Closed business case with unpaid tax

99:已註銷個案 Cancelled case


Source / Reference: 稅數之間 - Webster http://websterng.blogspot.com/2012/05/blog-post_17.html


Tax file and investigation file number explanation: